Salt Lake Vegan

Salt Lake Vegan is an online resource for vegan-friendly restaurants, bakeries, food trucks and other businesses in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. This project needed a website to be built that would allow a visitor to learn more about a vegan business. It was important to me to create content that was informational and helpful. I wanted visitors to have the ability to learn about options these businesses offer, rather than critiquing and reviewing them.

It was necessary for the site to have photos of the businesses, food, and any stand-out offerings. Another important aspect was to provide details like address, hours, photos, menu links, etc.

Salt Lake Vegan is the first project I created in order to learn different aspects of digital marketing. It gives me the ability to work on website creation, social media, photography, and content writing. Since the creation of the website and social media, an ongoing effort has been made to visit vegan restaurants around the valley.


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